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The Brain Behind All #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


No one imagined that what happened to them could happen because they have been like a conjoint twins since the time they become romantically involved with each other. Wherever you see him, you will see her, peradventure if she is yet to be around where you see him, it

means that she is on her way to the place. The same applies to him, wherever she is, you will see him. They are always together, which make people to be thinking that they may have had some connections before in the world beyond even before they come together to be

Romantically involved with each other. Many people within the community are envying their relationship and great number of youths look forward to make their relationship be like theirs’. There have been reported cases of some people who are dating who have severed

Their relationship with each other because their partners do not believe in “snail and shell” relationship like theirs’. It is widely reported of a man who has filed divorce at the local court of the community because his wife would not be following him around like the lady has been

Following the young man around. The man who filed this divorce after they have given them months to think about their actions and the man on getting back to the court insisted that what he has said is the final he does not want to have anything to do with his wife again, he

Pleaded with the jurist that if they do not want him to do something stupid they should grant his request that he part with his wife. Because the court would not want to hear the news that he has done something stupid as it is being heard recently of a female lawyer who

Clip: "Song of Love" (1947)

Have butchered her husband, because some people have been advising them that marriage is until death part us, she has been complaining of how her husband has been dealing with her for long, and on that instance, the husband has slapped her like he used to do and he was

About punching her when the lady angrily took a knife and stabbed him to death. The news of this incident like wild fire spread all over the community and that fast. The lady was arrested and put behind the bars for questioning and to appear before the judges for killing a

person. While she was awaiting what the jurists would say, some people who have heard of the history of their lifestyle before as married couple have said that they have been living as cat and rat in their homes. And there have been pockets of reports about a spouse killing or

Maiming his or her spouse that have been reported within the community, thence, the jurist after due consideration of this has declared that the marriage of the man be dissolved, so that there would not be records of deaths at least on the couple’s part for failure of the

Judge to dissolve the marriage as he has filed the divorce that he does not wish to live with her any longer. After this man has been separated from his wife, he went and marry another lady, a lady who will always be following him around, and who he also follows

anywhere. That was what he wanted and he has gotten what he wanted according to what he sees those young lovers doing. Things have been going on well with them, and people have been expecting that they will make a wonderful home when they got married. But four

Years into their courtship, the young man, who has been struggling for a while without success and has been hoping against hope, his spouse has been the one sponsoring him in anything he wants to do, she has been sponsoring him because of the love she has for him and

because she does not want her people to abuse her, speak harshly against her for getting involved with a poor man within the society, so she has been covering his nakedness with the money she is earning at where she is working, at least about seventy percent of the salary she earns she spends on him monthly.