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The Bowler's Blood Curdled Affair

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Didn't know what to expect when reading the first chapter

Material soon got familiar as time went on

Not sure if it was by accident or by careful design

Unclear if the universe had a sense of humor

Or that full of ironically malicious intent

Sometimes, the players just fell into their stereotypical roles

Based on what society and Hollywood has deemed them fit to play

Or just biologically pre-disposed to fall into certain gender traps

Vulnerable and cynical younger woman

Looking for love, but fearful of what she'll find in reality

A relaxed playboy strutting onto the scene

At the right moment in time to open her eyes and senses

Wasn't sure what to make of him and her attraction to him

Fell into a fun and relaxed relationship that evolved over time

A story that's older than dirt and sin combined

Boy meets girl; wines and dines her into physical oblivion

Knocking down the concrete walls encased around her heart

With a metaphorical sledgehammer and some snake oil charm

Seducing her into giving her mind and body over to him

Don't know if it was his intention to either have a girlfriend or a groupie

Treated her like she was a little bit of both at times, disposable whenever needed

Her heart soon followed into his clutches when their weekend sessions

Grew more and more intense with each passing week

Hard not fall for someone who said and did all the right things

Checking things off his playlist as he just scratched his usual Neanderthal itch

If that was all this saga was about, it would've been another dime store tale

A speedbump of a novella involving a one sided love affair meant to end abruptly

Well, aware that there was more to this deceptive screenplay than met the eye

Just don't have the desire to figure it out; especially after the last scene

Getting dropkicked in the heart not a way to spread cheer of any kind

Mr. Smooth Operator lacked the finesse to make his exit strategy

It was cruel, callous and rather pedestrian for a creative soul

Hard to erase him from thoughts and those random daydreams of past sessions

Will get better in time, until he was nothing but a distant memory

In the meantime, relocating into the witness protection program of bowling alleys

Need a clean break; even if it's doing her favorite pastime in another town

Ready. Set. Strike!

Ready. Set. Relocate.

Ready. Set. Relocate.