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The Books Tell My Story

This Is Where I Begin To Explain

A tote filled with books

To some people just annoying books that get in the way

To other people

A sailors journey out in the world in the middle of the ocean

Where other people can see

But never dare

They don't like the risks

They don't understand the thrill and the glory

Where the great forces of nature

Look you right into the eye


There is no turning back

You have made your decision

Either you survive or you disappear

Well reading a book is just as exciting

So much less dangerous

I get to ride the open seas

Hit by every wave

Holding on with every ounce of energy my body can deliver

Trying to do what no one else has done

Sail the seven seas

1. Swept up in the moment

2. Alive and aware

3. Interested and curios

4. Lesson after lesson being taught

5. Sensations never before felt

6. Estatic vibrations sent around the world

7. Amazing people and places to see

I not only experience all the thrills

I know only to well

People have been here long before me

Finding the same if not better emotion

That I struggle to put a hold on

I feel it in one instant

If I am not careful it slips away

In the next second

For things that I have done and not done

I can walk away or run

If I come back

Some strange reason

I can pick up where I left off

As if the world stopped at just the right moment

Now it started up again

I never missed a beat

So different that the life that surrounds my mind incased by my body

The day to day routine

Other people find so monotonous

Their own lives hum drum

Little too be excited about

Having little purpose or desire

Going through the motions

Acting as if no matter what they do doesn't matter

Why can't they see the big picture

We have to live our life

We have to share our life

This is our one chance

Don't blow it

Part 2

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