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The Book of My Life ~ Old Memories Linger (a Poem)

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John is a contemporary poet who uses the rhyming styles of the classics to discuss current issues.

The Book of My Life ~ Old Memories Linger

In my muddled old mind, I am surprised to find,

Recollection of things long ago.

From happy childhood days, when my friends and I played,

Whereas recent events quickly go.

Old memories linger, like warm tea with ginger,

Or the smell of my grandma’s fresh bread.

All the sights and the smells, and the tall-tales as well,

Forever have a place in my head.

I remember grandpa in his old vintage car

That drew stares as it chugged down the road,

And the old rocking chair at the top of the stairs

In grandma and grandpa’s abode.

Or the months that we camped in a tent with a lamp,

And that kerosene smell’s with me still.

Or the first house we owned, that we could call our home,

And the time that it took dad to build.

I recall my childhood in that first neighbourhood,

Freely walking to school with my friends.

Those were innocent times with no real fear of crime.

So removed from the world’s current trends.

Now, if answers you seek of what I did last week,

I’ll offer a confused, vacant stare.

Old memories are fresh, preserved better than flesh,

But recent recollections are rare.

It’s good to remember our childhood forever,

But I’d like to recapture it all.

The later years also, sometimes I think more-so,

So many great moments to recall.

Like grandchildren’s names, and their favourite games,

And the places I’ve been with my wife.

Each day there’re new stories, adding more memories

To the wonderful book of my life.

About This Poem

This poem was my response to Word Prompts Help Creativity/Week 17: "Memories" by Brenda Arledge.

"Memories impact us all. Some are sad, others are happy, but it's one thing we all have in common." - Brenda Arledge

I absolutely love the word prompt "Memories" and the possibilities it offers a writer, so I couldn't wait to put my pen to paper and see what I could come up with.

For this poem, I used A.B."Banjo" Paterson's "A Bush Christening" as inspiration by borrowing its metre (meter) and rhyme scheme. The Book of My Life ~ Old Memories Linger follows a syllable count of 12-9-12-9 and the A B C B rhyme scheme with an internal rhyme of the 6th and 12th words in the longer lines.

Thank you for reading. As always comments are most welcome.