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The Book of Nature : Poem .... a Call to Learn Reading the Works of the Greatest of Authors, Ever at Work - Nature

Vanita Thakkar is an accomplished singer-composer-poetess-author; a performer since childhood; teaches music; is life-long student of music.

The Book Of Nature

Every creation on and beyond the Globe, where we stay

Has been given eloquence and the power to portray.

The smiling, fragrant flowers, the buzzing bees,

The chirping birds and the shady trees;

The gleaming moon, the effulgent sun,

The silent, rocky cliffs and the roaring ocean;

The bubbling stream, the rolling pebbles,

The distant horizon and the star that twinkles;

The whispering wind, the surging river water,

The verdant vales and the grassy pasture ….

All of them have something to convey,

But to comprehend what they say,

Listening is not the only required skill –

One must be able to See and Feel.

From the moment Time was born

And till it vanishes into the Unknown,

The works of the greatest of Authors

Have been and will go on and on.

So, instead of burying yourself in this paper,

Go out and try to read the Book of Nature.

- Vanita Thakkar (19.06.1988)

© 2020 Vanita Thakkar

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