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The Boar and the Wolf: A Poetry Challenge for My Hubber Friends

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Chris has written poetry for 28 years though he focuses on short fiction. But watch out for the occasional twisted nursery rhyme.

The Boar


The Challenge

I had a visitor to my latest hub today by the name of Natalie Frank. I returned the read by visiting one of her hubs titled, Crazy, Fun Holidays in September You'll Want to Celebrate. In the course of reading this very fine hub, I discovered that September 1 is No Rhyme or Reason Day. In this part of the article, Natalie included a list of words with which no other words rhyme perfectly. So I took this list of ten words and wrote a poem.

I'm not a great poet. But I put together something with rhyme and meter that uses all ten of the words in Natalie's list. I'll share that below. I want to challenge my hubber friends to step up and give this a try. See if you can write a rhyming poem with the ten words I will list and which I've taken from Natalie Frank's article. I encourage you to visit Natalie's hub as well.

Ten Words That Do Not Perfectly Rhyme With Any Other Word

  • silver
  • purple
  • month
  • ninth
  • pint
  • wolf
  • opus
  • dangerous
  • marathon
  • discombobulate

The Wolf


The Boar and the Wolf

Deep in the forest so dangerous,

Lay a boar who was fat and ponderous.

He feared the sly wolf,

And to tell you the truth,

Considered the beast to be pompous.

In running, the pig was no paragon,

But challenged the wolf to a marathon.

On pasta the pig dined,

And drank down a pint

Of green beer he got from a leprechaun.

The winner would gain a trophy silver

Which the wolf thought he could pilfer.

When boar reached mile ninth,

He collapsed and pined,

For in his foot he had gotten a sliver.

The wolf over the pig did hurdle

With the trophy in a blanket of purple.

Pig was discombobulated,

Had misunderestimated*

That he himself was slower than a turtle.

The wolf labored and authored an opus,

Which he penned on a pigskin corpus.

In less than a month,

Pigskin he did punt,

In a challenge he had with a tortoise.

*Misunderestimated, a word created by former US President George W. Bush

The Pigskin


Yes, my poem is nonsense, but I'm kind of proud of it. Now it is your turn. Use all ten words in the list and write your own poem. Come back here with the link and I will make a list for others who want to read your creation.

Challenge Participants

John Hansen-Olympic Dreams

Ann Carr-Geraint the Siever

Shyron E Shenko-Sloth and the Weasel

Rinita Sen-The Last Capitan

Threekeys-Can be read in Threekeys' comment below.

© 2018 Chris Mills