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The Blue Gems of Sky

This inquisitive fellow here serves an inclination towards reading, writing, exploring new things and much more....


A drop of water plopped on my right cheek

Racing through in the air, another made a clink

Banging against my left earring & making the pearl sway

In exuberance and bliss, driving the enmeshed hairs away

Soon, the drizzle of blue gems from the sky turned into a downpour

Sluicing & rinsing the tainted & smirched minds and hearts from the core

My eyes caught a glimpse of umbrellas treading the earth in a motley crew

Some black, some brindled and some multi-hued

Paper boats rushed from the houses in the streamlets on the roads

Carrying the cargos of happiness, beaming smileys in hoards

Then came a horde of children whooping in delight

My heart felt enraptured as it stranded me whisking off to the sight

Jumping & hoping along, it couldn't win the trophy of the best dancer

Yet exultantly waved at me hiving ecstasy & composure.....

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