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The Blue-Eyed Temptation

Emee.chan is a girl who adores blue-eyed men. Well, all men, but blue-eyed men hold a special place in her heart.


Blue-Eyed Temptation

"What's your poison, princess?", asked the blue-eyed devil.
His eyes intense, his deep voice soothing and compelling.

His face, pale complexion and pure perfection.
No man should be beautiful like that,
a fine piece of human art.

"Nothing you offer could tempt me. Try your luck somewhere else.", the princess answered back. Her heart made of steel, her will unshaken.

The devil just smirked in all of his lovely glory and irritating arogance, confident that he still has a chance.

"Now, now, little girl, don't be shy. I promise I won't bite too hard.", said the devil, giving her a pearly white smile.

Alas, all his charms were for naught, for the princess refused to be caught in his web of dark and sensual seduction.

"You're very handsome, I'll give you that. But what you want from me isn't something the likes of you are meant to have."

"So leave me be, blue-eyed devil!
Tempt some other maiden with your promises of pleasure and utter bliss!
I'll never let you pull me with you into the dark abyss."

That was the final answer the princess gave, turning her back to him.
Proudly walking away. Leaving the tempting devil behind.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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