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The Blossoming Stars


When the first star blossomed
in the galaxy ~ God took a theorbo
and sat at a corner of the Milky Way
and started singing.

But immediately afterwards
God's eyes fell on an ant
that was carrying a sugar-cube
on its tiny head
held by its fragile arms: God
spoke to it: "Tell me! Speak!
What wishes do thou possess — O,
thou little ant?"

The little ant grew bigger in size,
and became a man with a horn
in the frontal side on the skull;
it asked for three boons.
1. It could go any place at any time
that it wishes;
2. It could get any food (and also wealth)
at any time that it wishes;
3. It could stun men immobile
by its voice.

God granted all three of these boons

Centuries passed; but the man with
horn in its head kept getting wiser—
Its head swelled like a balloon!
It started drawing cartoons!
It became a cartoonist at Disney!
It started eating milk with honey!
It was a pure joy!
It started playing with expensive toys!
But behold!
The stars started melting
that were made with gold!

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