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The Blind Man Sits by the River

A blind man sits by the river

While, a man with sight sits near by.

And over the horizon where both their eyes gaze

sits two arms opened wide,

And two hands with holes;

A head that once bore a crown of thorns,

A cross within the shadows baring a man's name-

Who holds his arms out for all the world,

And in his arms he holds a flock of sheep.

Forgiveness surrounds them,

Angles sing their hymns of praise.

A loving hand reaches out to the shepherd's flock of sheep,
A hand that made the earth,

A hand that made all living things,

A hand that once bore a nail,

A hand that now is holding its shepherd's staff-

And only one of the two men can see him.

The man with sight looks back at the blind man,

And says, "What can you see,

"When you are blind?"

And the blind man just smiles and laughs.

For he looks with his heart

While, the man with sight looks with his eyes.

The blind man says, " I see my messiah

" What do you see?

"For I look with my heart-

"While, you look with your eyes.

"You don't need eyes to see

"But only a heart that's devoted to the Lord.

"For I see my messiah;

"While, you see only a horizon."