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The Blind Love

She loved, and she still loves. It's the priorities that changed. Her love is still the same.


She loved endlessly, gave countlessly,

Expected nothing in return, but his time and heart she yearned,

She asked for a spiritual connection, He wanted physical affection,

She asked, “Is it for the touch alone?”

Love sets free, love delivers,

His love bound her, enslaving in her many fears,

Conceding to his requests, she broke rules and allowed sins,

Sacrificing her faith, to his cravings she leans.

He never considered her heart or needs,

He never asked why there’s always a torrent in her peace,

She was too polite to admit how much it hurts,

She hid deep within her the storm, her million words

“It was love”, she thought, “it’s all parts of a relationship”,

But where was the part, that in joy makes you leap?

Where is the part where you see him as a safe keep?

What is this, then? What is it?

She called him on a rainy, dark night,

“We need to talk. This doesn’t seem right”

He burst. Not in tears, nor in love. But in rage.

The beast prowled out from the cage.

In anger, he growled, clawed, roared,

With every breath, he broke her already-shattered heart.

Then she saw it, saw him. This is not loving.

It had been toxic all along, drowning her for too long.

All she did was speak her heart out,

Coming down to reality from their toxic magic cloud.

He did not respect her, but hurt her with words.

Said nasty things, all the evil she had never heard.

She had to walk away, tearing their world apart,

Cause she knew he wanted her to remain shut.

Don’t stay in a place where respect is no longer served.

Don’t wait in a place where your opinion is never heard.

He dropped a gem from his hands,

The shell rusted because of his hands,

It fell and broke to reveal the preciousness within,

The beauty, rarity, and purity of her love.

Love is patient, Love is kind,

But all along, ours had been blind.