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The Bleeding Heart #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He makes attempts at getting involved romantically with some other ladies, but as love as

Been stated that it grows beyond ordinary “I love you” mantra to being really involved and

Committed by the use of money, this he cannot raise except he talks to his parent and for

Every money that he asks from his parents he would be scrutinized for what he wants to

Use the money for before the money is released to him if it would be released at all. Thinking

About this makes him feel sorry for himself. He could not get something that he would be

Sending to his spouse without the support of outsiders, his spouse could not have access

To him even if he has one now because the room he is living is jointly owned by other

Siblings and when his spouse comes visiting if any of his siblings As his heart continues to

Bleed he remembers what the leaderships of the island used to say to the international

Community about the youths of the island, they used to say that the youths of the island

Occupies about 80 percent of the position of authority and leaderships in the island, but

The international community never knows that they are being lied to by the leaders of the

Island, for many of them have falsified their ages to show that they belong to the generation

David Vendetta Feat Rachael Starr - Bleeding Heart (Official Music Video)

Of the youths where as in the real sense of it they do not belong to the class of the youths.

Appallingly less than one percent of the youths of the island are gainfully employed

Others are nor employed and those who have been trying to establish their own businesses as

The common rhetoric of people who have access to position of leaderships in the island

Have been stating that the government of the island cannot provide white collar jobs for all

And that they should seek to learn something and or to return to the farm to be farming, have

Been, the people who have tried to invest in those things have met with brick walls

Because of lack of capital, they could not raise money to start those works, and those who

Have been trying to do things on their own, those who have been taken loans from local

Cooperatives, their businesses have been affected negatively by the instability in prices of

Things in the market not to mention the high taxes that have been imposed on the people

By the government of the island. This thus, forces those youths back to foundational stages

Because they were unable to repay their loans as at when due and many among the youths

Who could not withstand the debts on them have developed high blood pressures with

Some of them having strokes while some have died. As he thinks about these and the pitiable

Condition that he lives in, his heart continues to bleed for his position and he asks himself

Whether the bleeding will ever be stopped? How could this bleeding be stopped? At the

Moment, he couldn’t find a suitable answer to those questions as he sinks his head in his

Palms within the heart bleeding internally.


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