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The Bleeding Heart #1

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When he and his siblings were young, their parents have continued to tell them that the in

Thing in the world is education and they should not trade anything for their education. Since

It has been the culture of the people of the island not to argue neither question their parents,

They did not question their parents on what they have been telling them and they have

Squarely faced their studies. It was when they came of age that they knew the reason why

Their parents have been telling them that they should ensure at all costs that they get

Educated. They had discovered that their parents tried extremely hard to be educated but

Because of the position of things with the family whence they have been brought up from

They couldn’t be educated. They were eventually convinced by some people then that been

Educated does not hold water if they could be hard working, prayerful they will be

Employing those who were educated into their businesses and companies. They had cave in

To this counsel and they had given all they had into their businesses, with qualitative and

Quantitative times of prayer to the most divine to help them. Things seemly to be going as

Expected at the initial phase and they were happy but about a decade after this, things

Changed and those who were not educated within the island were not material to the

Leaderships of the island again. one of the sure means of noticing this is that the contracts

That the leadership of the island used to contract out to business people of the island they

Were not contracting it out to the people again, before anyone could have access to contracts

In the island the person would be educated for those people in charge of the contract have

Been given those contracts to those people who are educated. Thence it was not long when

The business of the family started going down and they were unable to become a force to be

Jimi Hendrix - Bleeding Heart (Video)

Reckoned with in the society again. during this period raising their children up become

Difficult for they had been dipping their hands into the capital of the business and thence they

Had to emphasize the word into their children that among their getting they need to get

Education and they will give it all it takes that they be educated. The children have been

Educated but despite been educated, they yet could not have access to many needful things in

The society because since the time they have graduated from the institutions of higher

Learning they have returned to their parents homes they could not secure jobs.

He has been the only one at home with his parents now because his junior ones have traveled

To other parts of the island to see if they could secure jobs with their certificates. This day

When he was with his parents, and he sees what he could do, but which he could not do

Because he has no money of his own, his heart bleeds again for the pitiable condition in

Which he is. He has often times been having internal pain whenever he considers his plight

And discovers that many things that he could have done to assist his aged parents with he

Could not do them. Apart from this, his heart bleeds because he is still largely dependent on

His parents at the age he ought to have been living an independent life. Because of his

Dependency on his parents he finds it hard to fall in love, for he has once fallen in love

With a beautiful damsel, but the lady hardly had access to him because he was still under the

Canopies of his parents. Because he is yet under his parents the lady could not be visiting him

And the lady wants to be having access to him every time, she will say before she pulls

Off the relationship the she probably could not continue with a person that does not have the

Mind of his own, a person that she could not have access to whenever she wants to talk with

Her spouse, a person that she cannot study well because he couldn’t leave the apartment

Neither could she come visiting him. Thence the lady pulls of the relationship and would be

Engaged to another person close by.


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