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The Bleakness of our Life's Winters.

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The following poem I wrote one day this week as I looked out at a winter's day with the wind howling and the sky black and threatening. The words fitting the storms we have witnessed lately and indeed the storms that can sometimes disrupt our lives.


Bleakness and turmoil in secret

Creeping crawling stringing along;

Down deep in the bleak dungeons

Where do we belong?


Sharp cruel outlines tormenting

Piercing pointing feelings so strong;

Dodging life’s imminent minefields

Keep forging along.


Each chipping prodding thudding

Losses smacking smashing life’s song;

Withstanding fate’s darkest choosing

Directions go wrong.


Minds in turmoil beg deep cravings

Fantasies a safety we long;

I keep yearning begging strongly

Passages so long.


Images mirages longings

Crave the mystical barong;

Finding peace a pure solace

In the world’s mixed throng.


Such tormentuous and bleak pressures

Poisoned by Satan’s darkest prong;

All banished into oblivion

By faith’s boldest gong.


The coarseness of Tongues are a-lashing

Cruel Tormentors are a-thrashing;

Find retribution’s cries unnerving

As Faith’s powers unite caressing.