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'Some' Day

Your kind of poetry which is simply written but hardly understood.

The growth of wisdom is the beginning of everything,
When all seems innocent and at one struck it happened,
As the sun rises up and gave a glimpse of dream,
All it takes is a leap of faith then made a soul wander.

Traveling a thousand miles from the point of twisting hearts,
Where there is brokenness until sorrow fades away,
A threshold to a new hope has opened its way,
And making all things new like a bud about to bloom.

Arrows and swords are the same as before,
Causing a heart to feel the deepest pain,
But a more furnished armor gave its strongest guard,
Protecting the fragile flesh from all the wound attempts.

Along with the long run is the tree’s new born fruits,
With all its sweetest taste, a nostalgic moment to savor,
As mind flash the thoughts from a long long way,
And reminisce what had gone through at the end of each day.

© 2020 Faith Cruz

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