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The Black Book

Febelyn is a campus paper, and English literary editor during her high school and present college year.


Drown in inquisition on how many things work

Curious about everything, wanting to lift the cork

Bottled Knowledge

Sprinkling Facts

Lost in everything

But nothing to unlock

Hooked, lined, and sunk to nowhere

Million of things, half unaware

Opened the black book buried in the cabinet

Midnight oil gone but never wasted

Sprout of wisdom increased and increase

Little by little, I saw his goodness

The Bible is not water under the bridge

‘Twas the answer. I’ve known a friend

And in the beginning, I saw an end.


Author's Note:

The Black Book referred to in the poem is The Bible. This book still doesn't have a certain name of its authors and the place where it was written under unknown circumstances. Yet it is said to be a book that can transform a life.

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© 2022 Febelyn Tagalogon

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