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The Birth of a Salsa


An Adventure in Cooking

In our world, all elements of nature work in perfect unity

The sun graces us with sunshine

Helps us digest our food

Water nourishes every stem, leaves and buds

Earth is the source of our food

Every single strand of our roots delighted from every sip

We breathe and sway with the wind day and night

Birds and butterflies visit us and chat with us from time to time.

They call me a plump little thing with a navel

I love water making my belly pout

Because my kind is the shape and color of a heart

We are one of those associated to love and passion

I buddy up with you Tomato

My kind might be too hot for the taste buds of some

Yet, they didn’t realize that chili peppers like me promote healing

Protection and cleansing are one of our responsibilities in this food chain

Others who do not know our kind would think

We are more grasses out on the field

Some fail to see our hidden worth

Cilantro like myself promote good health and healing too

I agree with you my friend Cilantro

Others has judged and blamed us for their tears

Our sweat and fluids trigger them to cry

We Onions have always promoted unity and oneness

I feel you Onion

Lemons are tagged as a symbol of frustrations and bitterness

We all know that my kind is a vessel for purification

Longevity and durability are ones of our primary actions

What a shame that they fail to understand

Even us Peppers, black or white

Are being tagged as not good for the tummy

We symbolize adventure and anything in excess is not good for natural balance in nature

Sodium chloride is our chemistry

Others thought we are only found in the sea

Fail to realize that we are everywhere

We contain much wisdom shared in our ecosystem

Tomatoes, Cilantro and Lemon for love

Chili pepper, Onion, and Salt maintain loyal friendship

Warmth and hospitality shared by Tomatoes, Chili Pepper and Salt

Chili pepper, Garlic, and Onion provides protection and cleansing

When one is sick

In health and spirit

We promote healing

Chili pepper, cilantro and lemon work side by side

We purify those who needs clarity and direction

Lemon and salt can be used in good times

In reality, also during bad times

The process of purification works through us

We rarely come together in some places

Ironically, even the ancient tribes and civilization mixed us up a long time ago

They know little about medicine and technology

But they established the union of our friendship popularly known as SALSA.

© 2018 Ronadel Razon

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