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The Big and the Small All Matter

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Everything We Do Is Important

In life we seem to forget

The path that we follow

Is long and goes on and on

We may have many breaks and go in every direction

What we do is amazing in every way

Sometimes we make it look so easy

Then again one day later it can seem impossible

There is so much to learn

So many things to appreciate

I like to break it down into small snack size portions

Then no matter what happens

Good or bad

I get to see it for what it is

Only one small part of the whole

The big picture is so much greater than everything I have ever known

When I have fun

I think of the best times in my life

When I am at my worst

I can't believe I am the same person

I am filled with doubt

How can this be happening to me ?

I know the feeling I feel will pass

But really how long is this going to last

Then I think of other people who have had it rough

My life doesn't compare to what they have seen or known

So I pull myself together and begin again

Start fresh for the zillionth time

I never really start over

I take everything I have learned and rework it in such a way

To help me out on this day

To bring a smile to my face

If I can do that to me

Then maybe others can do it for themselves

That is what every day and night is about

Even though I see a different world around me

One that I do not always understand

I have so many why's

I try to have the attitude of a first grade teacher

Each answer will lead to a new question

In the process we can have so many experiences

The ups and the downs

Keep asking the questions

You will keep getting more answers

In the end

You will see life unfold in front of you

One so great

No one will ever be able to steal your thunder

So be who you want to be

Slowly make others see

Your brightness through every sparkle

Keep an open mind

Be one of a kind

Don't wait to do good

When someone says

If it is so easy

How come more people aren't doing it

Maybe they didn't think about it long enough

I know there is only one right answer

Take time and think how can you help instead of hurt

I will let you find it out for yourself

For me I turn to one of my all time favorites

I call it happiness in a bowl

Today I cut up a nectarine and tossed in a Clementine tangerine

It can be any fruit you can get your hands on

Add in some whip cream

I love the taste and can't wait to make me happy

Every word and every action

Leads us to a life we will love forever