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The Best Stories Are Never Written

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They Are In Our Head Waiting For The Right Time

I have read some beautiful books

From so many amazing authors

As soon as I pick up the book

I don't start to read

The book reads to me

I am mesmerized by the author's words

That puts a lot of pressure on other writers

It raises the bar so high

It can be so easy to not even try

To give up when we struggle

To feel lost when we should have support and encouragement

Something inside of us

Drives us

Pushes us deeper into our own unknown

Where we feel unsafe and insecure

At the same time unique

We know we are tempting fate

We know this is something we have never done before

It is not going to be easy

As much as we try

We find one-stop sign after another

Our mind can overthink things

Trying to reason with our imagination

Thinking this is a sign

We are supposed to quit

It is meant to be

So we give up

Push all our troubles aside

Just when we should be happy

We are sadder than ever

Now more confused and darn right mad

We are at a loss

What do we do next?

There is no one here to guide us

There is no one in this world that can help

We must continue on

When we start to write again

We feel a simple satisfaction

Was our mind wrong?

Many questions surface

If our mind was wrong about this?

Then what else was our mind wrong with?

Now we are worried and troubled

That is for another day

One thing at a time

First things first

As we write more

The words start to flow again just like before

Maybe we needed a short rest

A time to contemplate

It was a test

To see if we have what it takes

To push far beyond what we know

To something special and incredible

With eager enthusiasm, we struggle

Not in vain

But in triumph

Part of us knows we can do this

We are not at the end

We are at the beginning of a new story

Yet to be told

So I write these few words

You also must write your story

So you can be heard

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