The Best Rhymes

Updated on November 13, 2017

The Best Man

Best Man Again

HARPER STEWART lives in Chicago.
Writing for a living in Chicago.
With his beautiful girlfriend ROBYN.
But things change UNFINISHED BUSINESS.
That is his novel that's receiving success.
Oprah's book club chose to select.
His book may be published really fast.
It's about his girlfriend in his past.
His girlfriend he loved in college.
Robyn is upset about it.
Despite this, they both are attending.
Harper's best friends wedding.
He's the best man in the wedding.
Upon arrival, he's happy seeing.
Happy seeing his college friends.
Ahead of the big event.
They all catch up on old times.
LANCE is making's MIA his bride.
JULIAN loves working with kids.
QUENTIN still focuses on women.
JORDAN's a successful TV producer.
Trying to see if her and Harper.
Could develop into something more.
Jordan obtained a novel copy.
Harper begins to worry.
Worry about what Jordan's doing.
He wants the characters in it hid.
Afraid that his friends.
Will recognize that Harper
Harper & Mia are characters.
That share one passionate night.
Harper walks in fright.
Lance gets a hold of the book.
He reads it and says it's a good book.
He confronts Harper about it.
Telling him that he loves it.
Harper then goes behind his back.
Hoping to hide the facts.
Lance sees him trying while he is alone.
Then jokingly tells him to get his own.
Later at the bachelors' party.
He wants to know what he's hiding.
He goes off and reads it.
He then finds out the reason.
The reason why Harper did it.
It's exactly what he suspected.
Harper slept with his bride.
That is what he tried to hide.
Lance immediately ends the party.
He also calls off the wedding.
Harper is angry at Jordan.
Blaming her for the book circulating.
Jordan tells him to blame himself.
He exposed himself.
He then confesses it to Robin.
Robin is really heartbroken.
She still goes to the wedding.
But don't see Lance at the wedding.
The friend's debate on what to do.
Lance arrives with the truth.
But Harper stops him and appeals.
Telling him he's sorry for real.
He also reminds him of his love for Mia.
Lance then looks at her.
He cried, throws his anger aside.
He went up and claimed his bride.
Harper's speech touched all the friends.
Soon, he may be the BEST MAN AGAIN.

Taye Diggs
Harper Stewart
Morris Chestnut
Lance Sullivan
Monica Calhoun
Mia Morgan
Nia Long

Malcolm Lee


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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