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The Best Poems


The poet's pain

Night, as created for the poet and his pain
Created for the verses, and lovers of lust
Unrequited love and treasure, that he could not gain,
His love is gone, there is only heart of rust;
His thoughts flying towards her in late silent hours,
Everything is peaceful and dead just like her voice
Dream closes his eyes, in the idyll of the flowers
Pain flows like a river, left him no choice
Now he sings of suffering, desire, and wounds that destroy
Heart and soul, the life that flows without bounds;
Life that broke his heart like a toy.
Voice travels from the mountains as an echo resounds
Why have you gone, leaving me alone with fear
Oh why, oh why did you leave me, dear?


Statue of Ice

I am, darling, a statue of ice
I died but my heart is still alive;
in the spring when love blooms
my love is deeply hidden in tombs.

Beams of the miraculous sun don't reach me
but still, I live in their chains,
and with your every tear I'm slowly melting
Than love, there is no worse pain.

When your tears, on my icy hands fall
the enchanting song wakes me up
Living for the flash of beauty,
Is it my gift, cross, or duty?

Hear my knocking! My voice from the grave!
Nailed in ice and covered with autumn leaves
I sleep in my verses
hoping that you'll be raised from the ashes.


Unfinished Poem

The poet's heart always craves for something deeper,
but sometimes words get stuck in the fog
A bunch of words, but only one
has the power to express the hidden sun.

Right now I can't find any word
I'm slowly vanishing in my own thoughts.
In the darkness without any light
I keep searching for an inspirational sight.

Sometimes I want to tell you
I want to touch you with stunning words,
But I feel like thousand of rivers aren't enough
to fill your ocean of love.

My words are not worth enough
to describe your beauty in my eyes.
I wish I could write some verse
but I can't, and it feels like a curse.

Maybe I can skip the end
And still, my poem will not lose its meaning.
Maybe I can write until darkness decides to stop by
to see what has been done.

And when I lose a light in the night
I'll know it's over
And my unfinished poem
will remain under the stardust.

About you my dear,
my heart can say a lot
but my words.......


My Flame

Don't follow my flame
a sudden storm can blow it away.
Don't follow my steps
sudden wind can change my way.

There is a dark cold shadow
which is covering my winter face,
Don't follow me in the deep sea
if you can't find a way to embrace.

To embrace my darkness, to embrace me
you can't be a dim light glowing in the distance.
Get closer and burn my skin,
I promise I wouldn't make any resistance.

I put that smile and vanished into the night
I ended up in a castaway and now I am full of scars
Flying out of the bonfire, below that endless sky
little sparks went to reach the stars.

How can a spark reach the sky?
It must be the greatest flame
Where are the limits who can say?
What is the meaning of my way?

Don't follow my flame
if you can't see its true size
You can get lost if you don't recognize my spark,
Sudden wind can blow it away and you will stay in the dark.


The Words of Silence

I am getting drunk by the verses without end,
while silence plays with words.
I'm running into a fantasy world,
running like fast panic herds.

But silence follows me step by step
and at the moment she caught me with the voice so sweet
Oh, come poet, and be captured
as helpless prey in the spider web!

And I get caught in the tangled threads
tangled threads of broken love and pain.
I'm waiting to be found by the word
so I can put them in front of eternally, vigilant eyes of the world.

That is the duty of every poet
to be and eye of the people
to see, and feel what others don't,
to put the words where they belong.

The silence made me a poet,
so I can show the world deeper meaning of the words,
she puts me on the wire, waiting to slip
into the deep and wild ocean, to get drunk by her delightful potion.


How Love Hurts

You gave me the beauty,
love that hurts, every time when the heart longs.
My darling, I have no heart any longer,
it remained only in my songs.

I loved you because you were a
sweet tenderness of nightingale's song
in the idyll of flowers and fragrant dew,
ravishing like a rose and butterflies on the tuft of hair.

But you were also like starfish,
on dry land, beautiful but lifeless.
And thinking it would be a shame to destroy such beauty,
I returned you into the sea kingdom, on the marvelous bottom.

And now I look waves climbing up to me and
I listen to how the sea is crying with me.
White sea foam is trying to cover my pain
but vain, deeply is my love anchored.


My Soul Is Your Sea

My soul is your sea,
and you can sail through her
whenever you want,

Because none of the waves
will overwhelm you,
and none of the winds
will blow you away.

Be free and raise up your sail
and I will show you the shortest way
to my heart, which will be your coast
and your beacon to never get lost.


Masks of Dreams

Place of birth for many dreamers
this world, for each of us, has a mask
every life is like one story,
where dreams come falling down
like castles of sand.

But when I put the mask, everything is much easier
in every battle, my heroic armor gleams,
while I'm walking on roads
that are still unattainable to human step,
imagination takes me through the meadow of dreams.

Hidden deep beneath the mask,
out of sight of the eyes of the world,
far from the pain and tears and war,
far from terrestrial bird's songs
I'm flying free above the rivers and green lawns.

Oh, we are all just part of the show
and sometimes we become the main actors
but the performance that lasts, will pass quickly
like fascinating and colorful sunset beams
and new masks we'll put in dreams.


Dance of Butterflies

Dancing in a circle while
Afternoon reveals its curtain
Nightingale begins to sing an enchanting song,
Calling playful dancers on the stage, and
Every time I look at them, I ask myself.

Oh, why can't I
Fly with them through the sky?

Baby, let's go to play with them
Until the sun fades away.
Take a chance for a dance
They came, spread your glance!
Entire world waits for them.
Rivers flow in different ways,
Flowers smell on a fresh perfume,
Look how they dance, on the nature tune.
I greet them with my head, while my
Eyes have been stuck on their wings
Stop, and just dance, with unspoken words from our lips.


You're Just a Man

And again, the sadness
will enchain my heart in the snow
And again, in my threadbare coat
I'll go out into the street covered with thorny thoughts.

And I regret and I'm bitterly crying
shedding tears over the red roses in a garden.
Because once upon a time there was a rose
and now only a thorn, sadness and black crows.

Like the nocturnal wraith
I'm wandering at abandoned roads without faith
far from feelings, love and memories
forgotten like a rusty and old shipwreck.

Time stabbed me in the old wound
which is sealed in a chest, surrounded by flame
and like a messenger, It gave me the paper
that says: You're just a man.


© 2020 Dream Lover

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