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The Bench Story


Unreservedly and unrestrainedly society extols

a devoted marriage, to sustain its exalted goals;

But, it is also a measure of how one has fared

in providently averting being enduringly ensnared,

in a tangled, muddled state of languishing existence,

with no prospect of a dignified retreat from thence;

Those upon whom a sophic veil is firmly enforced,

would predictably disagree with the truth disclosed.


With only universal ordered-well-being in mind,

I will attempt elaboration of the subject outlined;

No person in this quandary can ever credibly claim

to have bested this menace at its intimidating game;

No body-scars carried, it does not physically maim;

Emotionally leaves one a wreck, inspirationally lame.

On tenterhooks is one held, complacency sets in, lest;

At every turn and crossroads, subjected to unfair tests.


An instance in this context was a fancy that was fanned

by monotony, as my wife and I walked hand-in-hand,

in Lou's park, admiring fountains and green surrounds,

set beside an embankment on gently undulating ground.

The experiential regularity made to cause quite wickedly

my wife to stipulate a review of my expository ability;

A peremptory glance preceded a spoken sentence terse,

challenged I was, to write about a bench in verse.


A flurry of photo-clicking supplanted the verbal order,

In visual focus: shapely benches, chosen with ardor;

all alluringly tanned and posing almost totally bare,

it was my wife's shoot-spree, I couldn't dare to dare;

The alacrity on her part was to ensure conclusively

that I don't buck the challenge on pretexts willy-nilly;

Under stupendous duress and with nary a cry of woe

For the honor of matrimony I composed, and so it goes:


Suitably complementing affiliated material objects,

functional themes too invariably sport traits complex,

that apply to a utilitarian collective as a whole,

to administer all necessary regulatory control;

They have unambiguous, definite life-spans too;

Vanish, when the specied physical aggregates do;

An archetypal theme, is to rest on one's burly behind,

with minimal contra-effort to effect a change of mind.


Perplexing are the meandering ways of linguistics;

to articulate impressions, uses a bag of varied tricks;

The primary auditory impulse of a typical morpheme,

relates to the material entity's sonance, or its meme;

Logically, modulations that trail it, completing a word,

will have other such affinities, but restrainedly spurred;

The activity in focus has an origin rather unorthodox,

it progressed from a German appellation for buttocks.


A phenomenon so intricate, has a wee verbal form;

Ease of expression is perhaps its fundamental charm;

"To sit" describes a succession of dexterous activities;

Often with clarity of purpose; can also pack privities;

A teensy bit more extended, is the word's noun avatar,

its critical spatial expanse- as big as a pair of butts are;

"Seat" is it called, the specimen of this themed notion

perforce compelled to assist cessation of locomotion.


Born from the need to weather the anatomical weight,

balanced deftly on spindly limbs designed to freight,

we bipeds experience more instability when compared

to quadrupeds, their mass upon four legs, are shared;

A four-legged's pose enables it to rest on its rump;

Humans, in all manner of dynamics, it easily trumps.

For its body composition, of seats, there is no dearth;

Repose, it can anywhere on the vast surface of earth.


The first ever seat in the days of yore probably was

a rock or a fallen tree-trunk on which to briefly pause;

Set initially in the wilderness where nature placed them

Soon, into homes they moved, about tables stood solemn;

Concomitant to, and a witness of, all human endeavors;

Donned their distended sensibilities in all possible flavors,

to an extent that makes conceivable a reasoned taxonomy

of seats, in terms of ethnicity, temperament, and anatomy.


Human familiarity inescapably bred indispensability;

Tagged along too with it did inalienable pomposity;

On a pedestal, adorned with riches, reserved for nobility;

Coveted; called a throne; acquired criminal culpability;

The upwardly mobile acquired those strong and gritty;

Among impecunious, it repined on the edge of obscurity;

Seemingly eminent; arguably wacky; an ensemble of zanies;

The utility they lorded: supporting derrieres and fannies.


A little deep thought will point to their nearing extinction,

both humans as we know them and seats of distinctions;

Disuse may cause many of our organs to drop off in time;

Mundane requirements be dictated by an altered paradigm;

Visualize, one can, of a future period, in imagination berthed;

Preserved remains of seats and their users to be unearthed;

Perhaps, it would generate a vehement and bitter debate,

on which body part it supported: the feet, butts, or pate.


That, folks, was my outpouring to save societal norms from ruin;

Do realize the importance of things I do, and continue doin';

The next test (glory be to the cause), is directed at you;

To be assessed, graded; however, I am the first in queue;

Do please let me know whether the seat was tendered

its due status; neither needless praise nor censure rendered;

Let me remind you that our utterances will be carved in gold;

And for many generations to come, enthusiastically retold.

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