The Beginning Of The End: Poetry Collection

Updated on November 11, 2017
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Daniela is a current student who aspires to make a change with her words by writing about the world around her and everything in between.


The first time they saw each other,

There was a kind of relief that only happens

When the moon and sea finally touch.

The shore watched in awe as the two

Finally came together in a beautiful picture.

Their eyes met, and it was like a feeling of


The first time they held hands,

The world was quiet all around.

The wind roared gently along with the trees,

But in their minds the world was quiet.

Because everything stopped when they finally

Brought their hands together like a prayer.

And it was the beginning of hope and


The first time they kissed,

There was nothing around them.

The ground beneath their feet disappeared,

As did the sky above their heads.

There was nothing around except

The mingling of their breaths like

Finally coming home.

And they were two broken souls but it was still


The first time they said those three words,

The world was loud.

Children giggled outside,

The birds sung songs of grace,

And the wolves howled under the moonlight.

They were together in the loudness,

The words a mere whisper lost to the world.

But it was a reminder of hope and it is still


The first time they doubted,

No words were spoken.

It was all there, in their eyes,

A clear reflection of hesitation and

The beginning of an inevitable end.

They still held hands during family dinners,

And they still pressed their lips together,

But there was always a pause, a mere second

That meant everything but


The first time they cried,

They weren't together anymore.

Their house was no longer filled with warmth and comfort,

But with broken pieces and unsaid goodbyes.

The world kept living without any mercy,

And the moon retreated back from the restless seas.

The children still giggled in the streets,

And the birds still sung about innocence and joy,

But those whispers uttered in the intimacy of their arms

Disappeared into a bottomless abyss.

It was the end of their love, and it was no longer


"Lost Love"

The waves crash through the night

like a burning and screaming light.

My voice sounds hoarse

as I try not to cry of pure remorse.

She left me all alone.

Her promises forever blown

after the air of my chilling

and aching bones.

My love for her is like a flower in winter, wilting.

My guilt can no longer make her a saint in my eyes

but a freed anchor

that no longer wants to be tied to this damned world.

She left my side.

She left me with my last streak of pride.

Alone, and slowly dying inside.

She was my love,

and she has forever gone

from my faithful and burning dawn.

"Ode To My Old Friend"

When I entangle my hand in yours

All I feel is pain and bliss and

Melancholy at the highest dose-

The mere essence of life.

When you remain with me

For the rest of my life,

I know that I will leave you, some day,

Because in life, only death survives.

And even after knowing

The inevitable outcome of this war,

I still grip you, and pull you towards me

And remember all that I’ve lost, and won.

Many have already labeled me as a “freak,”

For loving and cherishing this hand that has

Used me as a vessel for destruction, and

Maimed many who never deserved this.

Perhaps it was the blank ink

That stained my soul from your hold,

Or perhaps everything I had done was always

Leading to this moment, since the beginning.

But, through my tears and cries,

You still remained by my wicked side,

And allowed me to find friends

In a world that was sorely my mine.

Which is why I consider you my

Guardian angel, my best ally,

For you let me control my world

When no one else gave me the chance.


Poetry is a means of communicating the secrets of our soul to those willing to listen. I've written the poems above over the span of 3 years, with the most recent one being "Hallelujah." By writing about a subject that I am not very familiar with, I was able to move beyond my comfort zone, and experiment with different topics that I might want to write in the future. I accept all kinds of feedback on how to improve on my writing, I am, after all, only a novice in this field.This collection of poems is just the beginning of a new journey that will cover many subjects of life, death, and the void in between. This is only the beginning of the end.

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© 2017 Daniela E


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    • Mark Tulin profile image

      Mark Tulin 

      2 months ago from Santa Barbara, California

      Nice job on all three poems. Indeed, poetry contains the secrets of our soul.


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