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The Beauty of Your Love


I followed the path of the moon because I knew she would lead me to you.
But it’s the beauty of your love that called to my soul and I knew which way to go.
And as I rise above the pains of my past our hearts synchronize and beat as one.

Come towards me, my love.
Allow our love to bloom effortlessly like flowers in the galactic gardens.
You’re divine and magical, soul and mind.
There’s a perfection in what makes you who you are,
you’re magnetic and my soul is drawn to you.

The beauty of your love is something I crave, to feel it, to keep it, always.
So dance amongst the stars forever with me.
And allow us to create moments of magic
while our souls become lost in each other amongst the planets and stars.


Lorna Lamon on May 07, 2020:

You have created such beautiful images with this mystical poem.

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