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The Beauty of Snowflakes in Haiku

Cynthia - a freelance writer and amateur photographer believing in the power of words, the magic of storytelling in poetry, prose or photos.

Snowflakes create scenes of silent beauty.

Snowflakes create scenes of silent beauty.

The Beauty of Snowflakes

There is no end to the awesomeness of nature. Look around and you find beauty everywhere. Winter scenes particularly can be a perfect example that beauty even, if you look closely and carefully, in the single snowflake.

Snowflakes are one of the most beautiful creations of nature, ethereal and fleeting, often overlooked and seen as an annoyance or interruption to our well planned days.

The beauty of a snowflake lies in the uniqueness of each one. None are the same, yet they are each the same because of it's beauty and intricate design. A series of haiku can express their beauty.

As simple and beautiful as the snowflake is, so is the beauty and simplicity of haiku. Thoughts in haiku are expressed in only seventeen syllables, accomplished via verses following 5-7-5 format. Purity and simplicity made difficult because of it's very simplicity.

True haiku does not have titles. However, I have elected to provide a title for each. In a way a title adds another descriptive, in this case, of the snowflake thereby reducing some of the purity and simplicity.

Each of the following haiku could be titled The Beauty of Snowflakes and like the beautiful, individual snowflakes, each haiku can stand alone.


The Beauty of Snowflakes

Snowflakes the Same

Each snowflake unique

Yet each the same, united by

Cold, pure, white beauty.

Drifting Snowflakes

Drifting through gray space

Sticking to my eyelashes

Melting at my feet.

Snowflake Lace

Intricate patterns

Like some finely tatted lace,

Beauty and pure grace.

Fleeting Beuty

The snowflake's tale is

Fleeting, ethereal beauty,

At peace; laying still.

Majestic Flakes

Stuff of poetry,

Favored for photography,

Majestic wonder.

Pure Beauty

Creating pictures

Of majesty and wonder,

Simple purity.

Snowflake Scenes of Beauty


© 2013 Cynthia B Turner