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The Beauty of Nature - a Poem

Juliet is a content writer who has a passion for writing poetry, she loves expressing her deepest thoughts through writing.

Take a Break and Spend Quality Time in Nature

If ever you feel like you are tired and exhausted from the everyday routine of life, take a break and spend quality time in nature. Every once in a while, indulge yourself in a relaxing experience in a quiet place away from the city. Watch those refreshing scenery around and just enjoy that moment.

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that it is okay to stop and pause for a while. After all, we also need quality time alone to nurture and recharge ourselves to feel being energized and full of life again. Self-care is necessary to our well-being. It would help us to find ourselves again and reflect on things from within.


"The Beauty of Nature"

The waves gently crashing on the shore,

Like a sweet melody serenading her ears.

The joyous smile is all over her face,

Feeling the solitude at the moment.

She smiles and forget everything for a while,

The beauty of nature amaze and fascinates her.

The lavish golden color of the sunset appear,

Like a radiant glow on her gloomy face.

The sound of the wind is like whispering to her,

Like a song that awakens her mind and soul.

The dreamy sea looks so peaceful and enticing,

Like a magnet that pulls her into the unknown.

Her heart filled with so much joy and gratitude.

Nature soothes and calms her weary soul.

Feeling grateful and energized like no other,

She feels so alive at that moment.


Beautiful Quotes About Nature

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks

— John Muir

© 2021 Juliet Acedera

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