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The Beauty of Man

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


The beauty of man is his belief,

For it can wipe away any grief.

Belief can be in an absent God,

Or it can be a human we laud.

The beauty of man is his ability to create,

Whether it be creations of love or those of hate.

Where one makes fire another makes ice,

Before judging one you better think twice.

The beauty of man lies deep in his power,

He may use it for good or the good can turn sour.

All that matters is you notice his plan,

With scrutinizing eyes you must always scan.

The beauty of man can be oh so loud,

Thumping our chests like apes so proud.

Never forget that we are just apes,

Little better than the vine growing grapes.

The beauty of man can rest in his soul,

It can be made of light or as dark as coal.

Perhaps kindness is the solution to either,

But just remember you dethrone neither.

The beauty of man is often his choice,

Spreading good and evil through voice.

Words can be sweet or they can be lies,

Beware the ones surrounded in flies.

The beauty of man is often quite hidden,

Under those by which he's been ridden.

Don’t give your power to evil men,

Lest evil spread ‘round once again.

We Are Great

No matter how hard some would seek to hand their greatness over, to disavow their pride and the credit they so deserve for their strength, I'll be there to put favor back where it belongs. I see your strength, the way you power through every step of life, and I want you to know it is by your own greatness that you thrive. That unending fervor, that zeal you kindle within yourself, that is why you are beautiful and why I love you all so much!