The Beauty of the Hijab - Poem by Yumna Hussen

Updated on January 11, 2019
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Yumna is an author who loves writing poetry about issues like identity.

This is a poem that I wrote quite a while back about the hijab but I believe it is really relevant right now due to all the discussion surrounding what wearing the "hijab" actually means. There is some controversy surrounding social influencers who take off the hijab and their viewers or their audience will request an explanation to this. The influencer will then receive backlash from people which I deem unfair. As a person who has been wearing the hijab for a few years now, I think that recently people have become confused as to what it is.

Hijab is just not a cloth that you choose to wear on your head. People can mistake hijab as fashion, though it is not. As a Muslim girl, from what I have read in the Hadeeth and the Quraan (though I am no scholar so no hate please) , the hijab means covering your chest and any area of your body which clearly outlines the shape of your body. Hijab is encompassing all morals such as respect, patience, loyalty and kindness. Some people can wear a full abaya (thick sort of robe) and a hijab but still have a stinking attitude and not a grain of gratitude but someone who is still on their self-discovering journey to God may well be wearing skinny jeans and a turban with good morals and respect. As long as that person is always looking to improve themselves and act upon it, this is great. Everyone is on their own path to God so people should not judge people in anyway.

P.S Thank you for (listening) to my little rant :)

They tell me that I’m oppressed,

that I follow a religion that hasn’t progressed.

That the cloth I choose to wear on my head is a symbol of being suppressed.

But in reality, it’s such a shame that I live in a world where we are just so obsessed.

With our exterior that we have completely forgotten what makes us truly blessed.

So, when you are surrounded by those who think freedom is about getting undressed,

then let me suggest that the so-called liberation they call you to is nothing more than the loss of your self-confidence and respect.

The twisted standards of this society are like copying what you see on social media so that this world is impressed.

Don’t mistake my silence for your victory.

And don’t mistake my kindness,

As my weakness.

Because, if I start to open up my mouth, I might leave you a little speechless.

You see, this disease is not meant to be the malignant tumour that is trapped inside your chest.

But despite this lie that you have been sold,

there is something you, need to be told.

That no matter what anyone else says that you are better than the most finest of gold.

So, remember this when you are crouched down low in your car seat,

scared someone will notice you because of the garment you chose to lay upon your head,

that you shouldn’t stop covering up because of this media catastrophe.

Your hijab is a sense of your individuality.

The hijab is a symbol of modesty.

The hijab is who you are and your identity.

Being a lover of peace and serenity

It symbolises all the virtues that you need to uphold,

Like dignity and respect.

You see, the hijab is a sense of honour, given to you by God.

It’s a symbol of your faith, then to make it known who you truly are.

A woman of piety,

Not a slave to society,

But a slave to Allah.

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      • YumnaHussen profile imageAUTHOR

        Yumna Hussen 

        5 months ago from Birmingham

        Thank you so much. I really appreciate your lovely comment xx

      • Evanicson profile image


        5 months ago from Multan, Pakistan

        Beautiful poem Yumna your writing style is very impressive.

      • Senoritaa profile image

        Rinita Sen 

        5 months ago

        Someday I hope this will be a world where anyone is free to wear anything, be it an abaya or an off-the-shoulder dress, and no one gets to point a finger at either of the two. As you rightly pointed out, it is the person within that truly should matter.

      • snakeslane profile image

        Verlie Burroughs 

        5 months ago from Canada

        Yumna Hussen, Good work, great poem! It is refreshing to see a point of view that cuts through society imposed stereotypes.


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