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The Beauty And Reality of Life

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Life isn’t always good

Happenings can always change your mood

Good things do not always happen

We do not always have lots of yen

Life is like a video game with struggles and stages

Life always comes with challenges

You need lots of upgrades to proceed

An undying determination to succeed

If you want unlimited resources in life

You have to work hard and strive

But working for that can take all your time

So don’t overdo it, taking a rest is fine

But life isn’t full of bad stuffs either

Things are better with friends or a partner

Depression is not much of a problem if you are not alone

When problems rise, friends will join you have an ice cream cone

Sadness doesn’t always stick around you

Worrying is not something you should do

Happiness is on its way

To brighten up your day

Best things in life don’t come easy

Life can surely get messy

Endure every pain life throws at you

At the end, you will receive what you pursue

Life is a beautiful ride

You can go on your own, you don’t need to take a side

You have the freedom in everything you do

Just be yourself and show the true you

Life requires a strong will and desire

To pursue things that you want to acquire

Accept that life is not easy

Live and fight for it happily

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