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Art and Poetry: I see you, I see me.

Mohan is a family physician, film and TV aficionado, a keen bibliophile and an eclectic scribbler.

Art of Annick Bouvattier

Art of Annick Bouvattier

Art of Annick Bouvattier

Art of Annick Bouvattier

I see you

What is it about that first look that creates the spark? The moment that one person arrives in your frame, fever sets in. The eyes swerve, shift, sneak and slide - all around that one who sets your heart all a-flutter.

With each look you take in some more, trying to reconstruct the whole image in your head so you can recall it whenever you want. Lights and shadows, curves and lines. Your neck hurts from the secret looks.

The eyes caress, capture and get captivated.

Beauty- inner or outer has such an effect on our senses.

I love the intricacy of these paintings by Annick Bouvattier. It was, for me, love at first sight.

Art of Annick Bouvattier

Art of Annick Bouvattier

I see me

I have my moments. I adore, admire and appreciate the beauty of the human form in art and in real life. I often wonder what it is that draws me to a person - as I know and realise it is not just the physical traits. There are many who the world may adore as beautiful who do very little for me in terms of attraction.

There are others who have the kind of beauty that transcends mere physical traits. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I am immune to physical beauty, but the added value comes from personality, presence and the inner glow of warmth, humanity, honesty, kindness and enthusiasm.

I also like those where I see me reflected. I see parts of me, parts my passions and personality that align my senses to the other. It is perhaps in seeing them I see myself. Loving such inner beauty perhaps is an attempt to love myself ( which I am not very good at)

It is inevitable we are drawn to those who 'see us' in all our facets. Those who 'get us' who appreciate our values and beliefs, our strengths and vulnerabilities.

There is beauty in that relationship.

And thereby hangs a song...

I see you. I see me.

Latticework of morning light

Shining through the blinds

Remnants of a dream I had

Lining through my mind

Early calls of birds in song

Echoes through the walls

Waking up as a brand new day

Tiptoes and enthrals

I see you in the golden glow of morning sky

I see you in the colours of the rainbow high

I see you in the dewdrops on the grass blades nigh

I see you in all that makes me thank my eyes

Murmurs as the Radio

Crackles into life

News of mayhem, news of loss

Trouble and more strife

Easy it is to become

Entrenched in despair

I just think of you and my

World begins to care

I see you in hopes and dreams of million souls

I see you in work that helps reach our goals

I see you in love and care in all our roles

I see you in the small things that make up the wholes

Smells of toast and hot java

Lure me out of bed

I splash some water on my face

And try to clear my head

Staring back at me in glass

Is a stranger’s smile

Lost in life’s wilderness

Haven’t been me a while

I see you in the gentle grip that holds my hand

I see you in the footprints left on my life sand

I see you in simple things and all that’s grand

I see you in the promise of a distant land

This heart of mine refuses

What my fog brain knows

The many ghosts that haunt me

As I walk through the empty house

Beauty is the state of mind

When you were there with me

Now a desert mirage

That only I can see

I see you in every corner of my place

I see you in the haunted eyes on my face

I see you in the madness of my life race

I see you in candle flame as my heart prays...

I see you. I see me.

-Mohan Kumar -

Art of Annick Bouvattier

Art of Annick Bouvattier

Annick Bouvatier

Annick Bouvatier

Annick Bouvattier

Annick Bouvattier Nevers was born in the mid-sixties. Her father was a paediatrician and an art lover who fostered his love of art in his daughter. After her under-graduation, she abandoned the family tradition of studying to be a Doctor and went into fashion school and trained as a stylist. She presented her work in the fashion capitals of the world: Paris and Milan.

She expanded into the world of cinema and advertising, mostly doing costume designs and style. As a costume designer she worked a lot in Rome's Cinecittà studios, here she says she developed a taste for warm colours: deep blues, ochre, green, burnt amber and many more that remind one of Italy.

In early 1990, she decided to devote herself exclusively to painting.

Annick Bouvattier paints women,mostly alone, adorning empty spaces with lights and shadows playing across their forms. There is a sense of loneliness, waiting as well as confidence and comfort. Her paintings convey a myriad emotions and create a sense of unique beauty.

She exhibits across all over the world.

Art of Annick Bouvattier

Art of Annick Bouvattier

© 2013 Mohan Kumar

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