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The Beautiful Island in Our Nature


I saw you from a distance

You’re so beautiful.

I feel like sleeping but it’s not, I am not dreaming?

Yes, I am not dreaming, it is real happening.

I saw the green, the blue sky, the clear sea water and white sand,

So beautiful seashore white sand

It is natural in nature

Made by our almighty God, our creator

The most relaxing atmosphere

A very refreshing air.

If we look around this beautiful place

Located in the Philippines.

We can reach this Island Resort,

Almost fifteen minutes sailing in the motorboat

It is very nice place for relaxing our minds

From our whole day tired from work

You are the beautiful island

The name is Anjauan

The place where I go,

In time when I feel bad

If I want to relax and feel the fresh air

Came from the fresh surroundings

I went to this place clean environment

Thru the take good care of the owner of it


An Island of destination

Oh! what a beautiful you are?

I am thinking in so many times

To walked in a thousand miles

Now i found you how beautiful is you

Anjauan Island is your name

Fit in any occasion to come in

To feel the beauty atmosphere

How beautiful you are an Island Resort "Anjauan.

I feel a good feeling

A feeling of relaxing from my problems

The problem that sometimes I feel mad

But you are now that you can help how to relax.

I always visit you here

I want to see again

I want it to have a face of mind

I want to feel you all the time.

Every time visited here

I feel good and a very relaxing

In this very nice place I had chosen

To be the part of my daily routine.

In this Island she can refresh my energy

Drain from my daily activity

From whole week of my work

Now I relax and in you..


It is to near to the island of destination.

As we can see, the clear water, surround in it.

We can feel the cold and fresh air that we can inhale

we discovered the white sand, the slowly sea water wave

How wonderful, it is so beautiful.

It's a minute is about to landed

How amazing of God's created

For us to and witness how powerful is our God

That he created the universe

The crystal clear sea water

God designed all of this for us

It's amazing environment

The green surroundings and small rocks upstairs


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