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The Battle of the Hermit and the Madman

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Some of the greatest battles were fought on a different scale

Still epic and grand, but the battleground appeared to be internalized

One person fighting a war alone that threatened to destroy them

Their best ally and own worst enemy at the same time

Ironic and fitting as they were once warned by family

Doubted their own stable judgment for impulsive follies

Started to attack their rationale privately and ignored public criticism

Tired of being labelled as a walking contradiction

Working on finding a balance between both opinions without much luck

Felt as if one team was defeating the other one by a landslide

Sounded like a tale as old as Father Time and dirt combined

A story about dueling personalities between two differing sides

Of the very same and complex personal coin

One that was ultra private and more exclusive than Studio 54

When it came to allowing the beautiful and powerful inside

Someone leery on the concept of letting their guard down

Afraid of the spotlight focusing on them for once

Burning a hole into them to the point where they disintegrated

Right in front of the audience into human ashes

Remains looking to be scattered of the coast of some beach

Evaporating into nothing as if being erased from the world

Preferred not make too many waves and avoid scrutiny

Boots shaking underneath the table at the idea of being exposed

Embarrassed to being around the smallest groups of people

Especially family members who knew all your deepest and darkest

Secrets that threatened to erode everything within you

The other side of this complicated coined individual

Was a person that appeared to have little to no control

Over their thoughts and their actions

An inch from coming undone at the edges

Using an excessive amount of gorilla glue to keep it together

To no avail as it was never strong enough to hold on

Became a person who stood on shaky ground

That threatened to fold with the slightest tremor

Wondered why this nightmare became a reality instead of a distant fear

Determined to fight the saboteur within the confines of their mind

Not sure if the battle will be won; fighting to not them win just yet

A devil in disguise who liked to light the metaphorical match

Torch what was working and leave behind nothing but rubble

Anxious to find a solid conclusion to this epic war

Not sure if it will be revealed until after the bell stops ringing

Only time will tell which side will stand victorious.

A weapon that won't help to win this specific battle.

A weapon that won't help to win this specific battle.

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