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The Bashful Moon


Life is like that, we must have the perseverance to wait for the clouds to disappear.


Coming out of Darkness

The Bashful Moon

Why are you hiding?
Are you reluctant to show?
The beauty within you?
Or for the fear of lacking?

Darkness envelops the world
Thousands of stories untold
Why would you leave us?
Looking for something that never was.

I want to see your splendor
Your shimmering brilliance and grandeur
Do allow the world to witness
And let them behold such loveliness.

I know that those glorious nights
Are just but fleeting moments
There are times you don't want fights
With the cloud's persisdtence

There are occasions you yield
To the relentless forces
Letting themselves be felt
Even to the extent of your own choices.

Martial Universe

Bashful moon


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