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The Barefoot Hike

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Lee is an aspiring writer who makes poems in his free time. Words and lines give him comfort in trying times.

You have gotten used to silence so much

That a whisper will jolt your world

Your mind adrift to a secluded realm

Where you finally have that elusive happiness.

And no matter how long you stay there

You always have to go back to the bitter reality

Life has to go on, they say

But is there any good reason for me to stay?

You try to trick yourself that it will get better

So you hold on for just a little longer

And you easily hide all that's inside

Cause they can't hear you, the world's too loud.

We're all just victims of a life that we didn't choose

Harsh and rocky, forced to hike without shoes.

Now I understand why there are bodies everywhere

They chose to end the suffering rather than live in despair.

What a ruthless world we live in

You want to fight back? Then live

Go wherever, do whatever you want

Laugh, sing or dance your heart out.

Do it for us, whose suns have already set

As for you, hold fast to the glimpse of hope

Do it for yourself, and that tiny seed of fight in you

And as you reach the unstained mountaintop, smile.

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