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Banana Love


Banana Love

Turn the lights down low

Let the night grow slow

While our bodies show their fire

Tonight... only the night will know

We feast on the famine

Of what hearts of desire will examine

The Banana Love is jammin'

The Banana Love is jammin'

An hour goes by

The endorphins, they're running high

She reaches up high as ecstasy flies

Banana Love has defied time

Up in the sky

Please... reality... don't awaken

Don't be mistaken, our bodies will wake

With the Banana Love we take

The lust it makes

Jammin' in the night real slow

Tonight... only the night will know

Swimming in the orbital stellar waves

On the walls of love, our echoes carve

Cavernous caves of decadence

Aphrodite couldn't behave

Banana Love taught her new ways

Venus clapped hands

With ovation, we watched it stand

Standing still, Banana Love came back to land

© 2017 Mitchell Marso

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