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The Ashen Earth

This elegy was about a lonely soul after a great war. Alone in an ashen earth.

An Ashen Earth

I opened my eyes to an ashen earth,
a place devoid of life, devoid of mirth,
i slowly walked, my body was dying of thirst,
my every step was painful, every step was the worst

I found shelter under an old house,
there was no one inside, not even a mouse,
I found some stagnant water which i drink,
it may be dirty, poisoned, but there was no time to think,

the world was dying as everything is covered in ash
a beautiful world that was, was gone in a flash
i wonder why was i brought back, why did i fall
is this the price i have to pay, for the darkness in my soul?

I walked slowly as far as I could
until my body gave out, I'm in need of food
in the distance i saw an underpass
as i arrived i fainted, dreaming for this nightmare to pass

© 2020 Gerald Santiago

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