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The Arthouse Video Game Vortex

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Is it possible to achieve success in a game where odds

Were at best difficult and deck usually ended up being stacked

Against any average player looking to make a name for themselves

Ending up on the leader board with the most points

At the now non-existent video game arcade

Considered irrelevant now that everything was at your disposal

On your home consuls and via the internet of course

Quarters spared for multiple trips to the laundromat

Slightly defeated by recent turn of events, but determined to play on

No matter how stressful it gets to be in most pressurized of circumstances

Currently, caught up in an endless loop of disappointment and stress

Worried about whether the right or left shoe will drop first

And which will cause the greatest amount of structural damage

Hard to crack a smile when Mona Lisa's lips were airbrushed away

By the stroke of a keyboard or an old school paintbrush

Her mascara seemed to be running as well ironically enough

Well, turned out it wasn't a religious miracle of sorts

Just another forgery of a classic painting done by a fraud

With imitation watercolors that were watered down

Couldn't afford the real thing; had to dilute it to make it last

Truth revealed and the scam exposed for the world to see

Original still safe and sound in the Louvre Museum in Paris

State of affairs with that scandal similar to the narrator's story

Always going one step forward and three steps back on life's chessboard

Scared to make a move for fear that the Queen will be stolen

Avoiding the ultimate checkmate and the even bigger adventure

Tired of living life in a van down by the metaphorical river

Without any running water or company to boot

Eager to find the ideal human bookend to get out of this funk

But always stuck in mass transit

Coming up with a plan of attack

To get to the other side of this ever long tunnel

Just don't know when the goal will be accomplished

Could be today, two hours from now, or in two years

Not going to give up the fight

Surrender is for people who don't know how to play

The game of life; where the winner gets to survive.

An important smile that should never go away.

An important smile that should never go away.