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The Arrival


This Moment

Mental exercises don't show anything for the ego to stroke itself, therefore people prefer the physical exercise over it. Yet, this mental [non] exercise ends up being the most valuable asset anyone can ever [not] possess.

There is neither striving nor arriving
One who understands the meaning
of 'I gained nothing'
Is already there
One who works hard
finds it nowhere

Hence all the ancients agree
on this precept:
Stop aiming at perfection
Stop aiming
Behold, you are there!

Look at the children
Before the world changes them
They understand 'it'

Look into your own past
There was a time
When everything was colour
And peace pervaded
The hours and the minutes
Held numerous adventures

Then we grew up
And lost our touch
With peace and stillness
And blessings of 'this' moment
Were lost to us.

© 2019 Mo Durrani

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