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Poem I

Poetry heals and I want to share this as my first post to help those during this time of the pandemic to not be afraid. Express yourself!

The Truth

Wander with me swiftly

toward the abyss of rain.

I go for the peace of tears

and all that follows.

I run from what can't be hidden;

waiting for action to turn into result,

gathering all morals of my own

questioning their existence.

I stand alone

within a stream of tenderness.

The pounding of drums in my chest

shatter with every imperfection.

I dig into every fallibility;

pick out what is unjust.

In the end:

a crumbled, dark ash.

To look at the transformation of what was as red as the bottom of her shoes,

I look into your eyes and find the plethora of gradients,

Like none I have seen nor acknowledged

as you pluck me away from calamity.

I seek you for reassurance and advice.

You respect my feelings,

show no judgement.

I grieve in worry of your comfort,

but you confide in me just the same.

I expose the truth by the array,

it begins to pour as we bear a devilish scheme.

I realize it's you.

My light, my clarity from all that is evil.

Yet, when I see it's you, my friend,

I wither in sorrow.

Examining the things you do as I hadn't before,

I quiver with remorse for the feelings I have

but your eyes tell all things.

Your scent lingers and I melt at the vicinity of what I

have never felt before.

It's hard knowing you don't feel the same

as I wait by the gate on this rainy day.

© 2020 Lydia Meserve