The Ancient School of Logic II

Updated on December 21, 2017

Dissections of the school of logic – II

Dissections of the school of logic – II

Drawing blood from the love blade

The masses all trying to have a fair taste

Seeking for the right match or gain

A walk without a guide through a dark maze

The young of the era find it a game to play

Living life to impress a distrait dame

Within a school of thought that vaguely states

Buying cheap, a privilege attached to fame

Or lighting up to attract a chap all same

Hanging on a string whose strength so frail

That says attraction lies in a color that is pale

But it all ends with a common cry, pain

As the school and string prove lame

With none but themselves to blame

The old relent with thoughts of the results seen

As they once ago fell for the same disease

The autumn leaves who once was green

Fallen to its fate as it is left to wither indeed

Yet the youth want a dose of it all and the old certainly

Are left to wonder, "What's come of the ages we live in?"

© 2017 Krakye Omane Poku


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