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The Alternatives

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I grew up in foster care, and many times I won't be given choices but realized that people out there also faces same problem..

What else can I do when stuck in life??



I can't sleep for a long time
Cause sometimes I have the worst nightmares

I can't cry for hours,
There must be some reason to smile again

I can't laugh much
From somewhere the dark clouds get together to meet my day

I can't work much,
For some reason, my eyes want to shut for a while

I can't speak for long
Silence plays a role in my life

I can't eat much
I need some time to digest what went inside

I can't live for a hundred years
They're somewhere between the other alternatives my heart will stop beating.

There are pretty many alternatives in our lives we can't overdo things just to satisfy others or ourselves. Alternatives give us the choice to choose what we want.

But before you shut down make sure you had the best alternatives in your life.

© 2021 Daniel R

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