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The Alphabet of My Life

A house I can call my own

Brand new car I can drive around

Career I can brag about

Designer clothes and shoes I can wear

Even matching bags to complete my style

Face that belies my age

Good fortune and fame

Hypocrisy if I deny

I have hoped and worked to have all these

Jealousy has driven me to work harder

Knowing that I can have even more

Lost my purpose in life because I was never satisfied

Memories and each moment I neglected to enjoy

Not realizing what defines me and

Obscuring the essence of living my life meaningfully, however, my

Perspectives changed and passion in life renewed for the

Quest for a purposeful existence

Restored with the hope that I can make my life worthwhile

Sure I still envy those who have it all but I am

Trusting in my journey and the

Unwavering belief that I would never lose sight to keep my

Virtues and values intact

Will keep in mind to prioritize people and moments

eXalting on the realization that as I work to obtain material things, I will never let them own me but I will

Yearn for nurturing relationships, inspiring others, being grateful in everything, and maintaining the

Zest to live a fulfilling life contributing to a meaningful cause.

© 2021 Harriet Dionela