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The All-New Disappointments Card Game

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A feeling or a byproduct of utter wretchedness

Something that not Milton Bradley or Hasbro

Would touch with a titanium 10 foot pole

Every day is a new low on the shame totem pole

Wondering how it is possible to make your kin

Despise the very sight of your existence

Just from the sound of your very voice

A cross between a foghorn and a deflated Tigger

Moving around the oak chess pieces with trepidation

Each move one step closer to success or complete destruction

Doubting every decision from what pants to wear or who to love

Earning a failing grade at being present in the rat race

Disconnected from the other huddled mice as they chase the cheese

Picturing 12 mice fighting over a slice of Velveeta like ravenous cannibals

Something that Hannibal Lecter would enjoy to watch

Creating chaos and watching it unfold before the world

A movie of sorts where the body count was higher and much more realistic

Fists and fur flying left and right; a perfect storm of ultra-violence

Aftermath a complete letdown once the carnage dissipates with the high tide

All that's left is the same emotional wasteland that was before

Tumbleweeds and dried out yellow grass populating it

Searching for literal greener pastures or just a place to call home

A roll of the dice will determine the next step

Either forward or backwards depending on the source

Landed on a seven or a wobbly eight

Stuck between the past dark clouds and the future sunshine

Time to tempt fate and shake the plastic dice in the right direction

Tired of being a failure to the high society template

Now, just looking to get past society's dregs and reshuffle the deck

With no credit card debt at the very least

Have to start somewhere in order to go upward.

It's time to reshuffle the deck once and for all.

It's time to reshuffle the deck once and for all.

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