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The Aftermath of the Secret Sharer's Revelations

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Starting to become fully aware that life isn't always so clear

Nothing is as black and white as many would like them to be

Wished that it was so simple when boy met girl, or whoever

Not always the case when circumstances and timing are involved

Makes things a little more muddled and harder to follow chronologically

Wondered why the moral compass for some gets bent in wrong direction

Could be their denial of their current predicament made it so

Waved hands in the air because it wasn't the time or place

To stick anyone's nose full blown into a murky situation

Unless you're a tabloid lover that enjoyed digging in the dirt

Most would prefer to veer away from trouble and someone else's mess

Focusing on problems and dilemmas closer to home than outward

Fed up with literally beating a dead horse of an issue

Not your place to preach to someone not eager to hear it

Realized that there was no point in expressing opinions

Have been uttered before ad nauseum on talk shows

By people less qualified to give an unbiased opinion

Most perplexed by how someone can cover up their situation

Labelling it as an epic love story; when it was nothing of the sort

Washing my hands of the whole sordid affair entirely

Followed my truth and made some diplomatically honest suggestions

Not to blindly jump off the bridge because their supposed partner

Made the suggestion on a whim that they decide to take as gosple

Horrified and disgusted by some secret duplicitous individual

Sight unseen of course; deemed as a wonderful soul

When in truth, just a simple liar who wanted to have his cake

And eat it with both hands like a glutton begging for punishment

No point in wedging myself into a situation likely to blow up

In everyone's collective faces and then some

Looking to step away from the blast radius to avoid collateral damage

Wouldn't be surprised if it did strike back just by mere association

Fingers crossed that it doesn't happen

Cleaning bills alone would be enough to give anyone agita.

Ready to ease myself out of this calamity and find an island to hide out on.

Time to run and hide from impending disaster.

Time to run and hide from impending disaster.

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