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The Adorable Mother

Anifar is a poetry lover and she would like to share a poem with you.

A loving Mother.

A loving Mother.


Having a mother is the best thing that can ever happen in your life. She is everything to you. She knows when you are happy, hungry, tired, sick or even troubled. She is the only best friend that you can run to when you have a burning issue. She listens to you and, understands you better that your friends. She can never lead you to a dark path. She always prays for your properity. She is the best person who has ever taken care of you. She derves the best of you. Don't ignore her after you succeed. Her blessings are everything you need to live a peaceful and longer life. Respect is paramount. Don't nag her of petty things. She deserves to be happy.

Below is a sweet poem for a mother.

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.”

— Cardinal Meymillod

The Adorable Mother

The beautiful charming woman,

All blessings and love follow

you all the days of your life.

The only woman who makes

me smile even at the toughest


May you smile all the days of your


Live long my queen mother

to see your children grow

happily and enjoy what

they have achieved

You deserve the best in this world

You deserve to be treated like

a queen indeed.

The love for you is much more

than I can explain

You are a splendid mother

A mother who is devoted to her

family. A mother who can not

eat without the presence of

her children

A mother who sacrifices the little

she has for the whole family

to enjoy.

She knows how to care for her

us not even with a single biasness

She is like no other person to

be compared with.

Her heart is full of love and pity

even to those who view her as

a bad mother

Only those who know her better

are capable of praising her.

She deserves to be treated right

and cared for.

No one should abuse or maltreat


she can be forgiving but not

tolerable for things that seem

to stab her heart.

All she needs is respect

because she took care of you

and molded you to what you are


She is indeed incredible

Seeing her smile is all that

I need and nothing more

Don't stress her or make

her cry

She does not want to curse

anybody but to live in


She is your mother even though she

might not be perfect for you

Remember you are not perfect too.

Watch your words so that she

may have peace with you

She does not lay a curse

anyhow nor easily

She easily forgives and forgets

but if you become a pain

on her neck

she will probably curse you

for not respecting her.

Take care of her, she is

the only source of happiness

you have on earth

Without her, you could

be nothing

She is the only true friend

on earth others may be


She is clever and smarter than you


Give her all your love and kisses.

yeah !yeah ! she deserves them

to be happy.

provide all her needs because

she is worth it

for taking care of you that far

That's your mother, she deserves

the best.

The adorable mother.