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The Adolescent President and the Annihilation of a Nation

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Denise is a freelance writer of many genres, an animal rescuer and advocate, and a spirituality and paranormal enthusiast.


A self-entitled juvenile

With the face of a man

Holds the fate of a country

In the palm of his hand

His insolence and wealth

Make him a celebrity

Just how he came to power

Remains, to most, a mystery

His disrespect for fellow man

Reveals his narcissistic pride

His vulgar abuse of women

Exposes his weakest side

His lies are called alternative facts

His delusions are alternate reality

He degrades the home of the brave

And restricts the land of the free

His nation already divided

At war with itself—defeat

As if proud of his incompetence

Unto the world he Tweets™


The adolescent president

Makes enemies of friends

He turns allies into foes

And his rivals he offends

A contemptuous man-child

He pokes the hornets’ nest

Oblivious to the dreadful fate

He bestows upon the rest

Now his country has no ally

And is destined for desecration

If not by enemy weapons

It will be by his own hand

© 2017 DC Ziese

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