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The AC sings me Lullabies

The Author is a published poet and entrepreneur who wants to live her life to the fullest and best way possible.


I was afraid of the dark,
Cause that's when the loneliness would embark,
The usual sound of the Katydids,
that made my skin crawl,
I might have been a rebel,
But I wasn't fussy,
Sleeping alone made me realize I wasn’t that gutsy,
If I could trace the lines down your large palm with my tiny
As in my mind the lullaby lingers,
Only then my eyes would feel heavy enough to rest assured,
How warm were those nights in your gentle embrace,
But now you are not by my side,
And now I am not a kid that needs an adult to guide,
Forever is a myth,
I conclude,
So while pretending to be an adult,
I let this body of mine relax,
The sound of the Katydids is no longer a bother,
Every day I miss your presence my dear father,
The darkness engulfs me in a tight hug,
As the AC sings me


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