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The ABC of My Life

Ravi loves writing poetry, within the cusp of human behavior and nature, where boundaries are blurred and possibilities are immense

The ABC of My Life

The ABC of My Life

The ABC Challenge

This poem is written in response to a challenge issued by dear friend Pamela Oglesby to use the alphabets A-Z to write something about ourselves. It was not easy, and I hope I did justice to the challenge.

A new stressful day at work,

Brimming with backlashes and brickbats,

Clients breathing down my neck,

Deadlines snuffing out nuggets of happiness,

Existence replacing empathy,

Firefighting perpetually in a dog-eat-dog world.

Grateful I am, in times like this,

Humbled to be part of an inspiring group, where

Ingenuity is valued,

Joyfulness is celebrated,

Kindness is encouraged,

Learning is imbibed,

Melancholy is prohibited,

Never ever, there is a dull moment.

Often, online friends are frowned at,

Painted in unsavoury shades of darkness,

Questionable in intention,

Repugnant and bullying by nature.

So lucky I am,

To get such great Hubber friends who help,

Unravel the hidden writer within me

Vrooming my creativity,

Waltzing across interesting challenges,

X-ing out malice, sarcasm, and abuse.

Yes, I use this ABC challenge to convey,

Zillion bucketfuls of thanks to all my Hubber friends.

© 2022 Ravi Rajan

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