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The ABC of Misbah Sheikh

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.

Who am I? Explaining myself with the ABC challenge.

Who am I? Explaining myself with the ABC challenge.

Background Story

Pamela Oglesby, a dear friend and respected member of our HP community, issued a fascinating challenge to her Hubpages friends. The challenge is called "The ABC of Me." The ABC of me Challenge was originally posted by Rick Lewis on Medium. Rick encouraged Pamela to take the challenge, and she did, writing a terrific response. She also encouraged her hubber friends to join in on the fun.

I have written this hub in response to Pamela Oglesby's ABC challenge. For me, this challenge was like I was searching for myself, recognizing who I am. I had no idea it would be too tough to describe 26 aspects of myself.

So here's my take on the challenge. I hope I don't disappoint you and you learn more about me.

The ABC of Misbah Sheikh

A - Artistic, I am, and I enjoy painting.
B - Brotherhood is what I want to promote in the world.
C - Cat Lover. I love cats but can't have one due to my asthma.
D - Dogs I like, but I fear they'll bite; I have cynophobia, but I am improving.
E - Eager to learn more and more!
F - Faithful friend, I am. My friends are the center of my universe. I'm ready to put my life at risk and even die to make them smile and happy.
G - Grateful to Allah for what I have and don't have. I trust His Plans.
H - Hilarious at times. Sometimes, I'm good at making stupid jokes that can only make me laugh for hours, and others think I'm weird. (Ssshhh...please keep it confidential)
I - Iceberg is a must on my meal of rice and gravy. I like it and the crunchy sound it makes. Ehhh- I know I am a little weird, but I trust you all can handle me. ;)
J - Joker - the Batman's villain. I like how he says: "Do you wanna know how I got these scars?"
K - Kangaroo is one of my favorite animals. I love the way it hops, and the way mama Kangaroo cares for her baby.
L - Lionhearted, I am. I fear no one but God.
M - Moody at times. I think that's normal.
N - Neighborly. I always stop making noise when my neighbors ask me to. Lol!
O - OCD, I think I have. I keep checking the stove knobs, door locks, and steam iron because I always doubt myself that I have left them open.
P - Pastels I love, especially the dry ones. I like the dust they leave.
Q - Quemeful with others
R - Restless and Reliable: I can't just stick to one place and relax. I am reliable too, but please believe it at your own risk... Wink ;)
S - Saad is my youngest brother's name, and he is my life.
T - Tearful. When no one is around and it's dark, I like to roll out tears while praying.
U - Understanding.
V - Violin, I love to play.
W - Water, I don't drink enough.
X - Xenodochial
Y - Yo-yo I loved to play when I was a child
Z - Zappy, I think I am.

We all have a side of ourselves that we can never explain.

— Akash S. Bansal, Desires and Destiny

© 2022 Misbah Sheikh

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