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The A B C Challenge—Something About Me

Chitrangada loves to read and write.The many possibilities of Online writing excites, and enthuses her, to rediscover herself as a writer.

About me

About me

The ABC challenge

Dear friend Pamela has started a challenge namely, ABC challenge.

It was interesting to read her article, where she has written some interesting characteristics/ qualities about herself.

The qualities have to be written in alphabetical order, and that’s why it’s called ABC challenge.

I found this to be unique, different and fun. Therefore, I also thought of trying it.
But, I always find it a bit difficult to write about myself.

So, I discussed this with my children, and it’s more or less with their help, through which I have completed this challenge. My children are in fact all grown up, and in respectable jobs, and the eldest one is even married.
Hope that Pamela and my writer friends would like this.

The ABC for me challenge

A—Always thankful to the Almighty, when I count my blessings,

B—Believe in persistence and patience, and not in miracles,

C—Curious, creative, cheerful, caring,

D—Disciplined, dedicated and determined,

E—Easy going, encouraging and empathetic,

F—Friendly, and funny at times(especially with kids),

G—Grateful to my writer friends,

H—Hubpages—an excellent online writing platform,

I—Interactive with family and friends,

J—Joyful company is with the children,

K—Keen observer—I still have so much to learn,

L—Loves Nature, Music, Dances, Celebrations, cooking for family and friends,

M—Motivated and multitasker,


O—On the wrong side of sixty,

P—Polite, prayerful, positive,

Q—Qualified, quiet, and loves to spend quality time with family,

R—Responsible and respectful,

S—Supportive, sincere, spiritual,

T—Thankful, trustworthy, teacher, tough at times,

U—Untiring, understandable,

V—Versatile, vigilant,

W—Warm, witty, well behaved, welcoming,

X—X-factor none,

Y—Young at heart, yoga and meditation,


Describing yourself is a bit difficult

Describing yourself is a bit difficult

© 2022 Chitrangada Sharan

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